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what’s on my wrist?

Sparkles! Who doesn’t love sparkles?! If you replied ‘I don’t’ to the previous question, please remove yourself from this world. If I could, I would sparkle everything in my line of vision. My laptop, my phone, my desk, my comforter, my brothers face.

But here’s the weird thing. I am a jewelry minimalist. I know, my life is one giant contradiction, I know.

My arm parties are more like exclusive arm gatherings. Within the same crowd of individuals most all of the time. I rarely change my bracelets, aside from when I buy new ones. I think its either a) I’m lazy or b) I’m lazy. But, I do highly enjoy the wrist company that I keep. My gathering is cute, playful, and definitely suits me. Each bracelet tells its own little story!! Sometimes…sentiments matter more than sparkles. Only sometimes though.


From left to right: Feather Charm Bracelet (somewhere in Hawaii), Love Diamond/White Gold Bracelet (Jugar n Spice, Yu Fashion), California Love Bracelet (Etsy), Friendship Bracelet (somewhere in Ecuador), Rose Gold Arrow (Juicy Couture), Beaded Bracelet (somewhere in Hawaii), Embellished Friendship Bracelet (Free People)


My favourite moments, all on one little wrist :) Now, what’s on YOUR wrist?!


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sk8er girl

Sunshine and sneakers…my paradise.


I am the chameleon of style. I go through so many fashion phases within such a short period of time, it could give you whiplash trying to keep up with me. Currently? I want to be a skater girl. I want to coast down Venice Beach on a longboard, rocking a snapback and distressed jeans. I want to be sponsored by Red Bull. I want to chill with Ryan Sheckler and show each other all our cool tricks. I want to shop at places like Tilly’s and wear brands like Neff.

Which is why I am currently obsessed with sneakers. I wear them with shorts, jeans, leggings, even my maxi dresses. They add the perfect touch of tomboy to any outfit. I’ve got the sneakers, but now I need to advance beyond sliding down the length of my driveway on my brother’s baby skateboard.

But instead of learning how to actually ride a skateboard, I styled outfits based on my sneakers. Thats close enough, right?

Mint Green Converse



Tank: Wildfox, Yu Fashion/Shorts: Kendall+Kylie, Pacsun/Backpack: John Galt, Brandy Melville

Neon Pink Vans



Tee: Wildfox, Yu Fashion/Jeans: 7FAM, Bloomingdales/Sunglasses: Rayban

Charcoal Converse

P1010976 P1010979

Pullover: American Apparel/Vest: Forever21/Bag: Jimmy Choo

And there you have it!! 3 different ways to rock my beloved sneakers. If only I could learn to skate the way I adopt the skater style. Sigh. A girl can dream…



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not-so-basic basics

Who am I, style wise? Well, honestly, I really don’t know. More often than not, my style is FreeCity sweatpants and a bag of Golfish Crackers with a can of Dr. Pepper as my accessories. I’m kidding. Not really. But kind of. For real though…

I’m like to think I’m half West Coast: LA beach-y/boho chic and half East Coast: NYC shopaholic fab.

Explanation? Since I see myself as a Cali gal at heart, my style often turns to casual, free spirited and playful. Buuuut, my mind is also firmly planted in the world of Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent (even if I can’t afford it). I love me some high-waisted cut-offs, yet at the same time, I would die for a pair of Valentino Lace Couture Bow Pumps. Basically, like my personality, my style is neither here nor there.

Due to my mind-boggling inconsistencies, I had the TOUGHEST time deciding on what outfit I would wear to meet the Internet. I mean, that’s a pretty big deal! I had to impress, but not overdress. I had to be stylish, yet not too forward. I had to be everything your heart desired. Well, I wanted to be at least.

So, I settled on this:

IMG_3188 copy

BAM. Look at me in all my hashtag o o t d glory.


IMG_3170 copy

These are what I like to call my “not-so-basic basics” or NSB basics. What better fail-proof outfit to wear for my internet debut!! AND I get to show you all my favourite essentials. Yay me! (Yes my hair is dip-dyed teal! But it’s fading fast into a gross booger-y shade, gotta hit up the salon for a re-dye soon.)

Items falling under the following 7 categories should be the backbone to every closet in the world…

1. Simple Silk Tank/Tee: Ummm, duh. (Wilfred, Aritzia)

2. Leather Jacket: Invest in a nice one, you won’t regret it. (Line, Yu Fashion)

3. All-Season Scarf: Lightweight, yet warm. Thumbs up for double duty. (Chan Luu, Yu Fashion)

4. Trustworthy Denim: Pick your denim like you pick your BFFs. (7FAM, Yu Fashion)

5. Black Bag: And sometimes, you need more than one of these… (REDValentino, Nordstrom)

6. ‘Strut-your-stuff’ Shoes: Because we all need to feel like we’re famous sometimes all the time. (Gucci, gifted)

If you have a solid piece from each of these categories, you could be a brainless slob and still be able to put yourself together (not that that’s what I am…). Plus, these will incorporate nicely into ANY outfit. I’m serious. Try it. I dare you.

So what do you think about my very first OOTD?!! And what are your NSB basics?!


(photos by my main gal, M)

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U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi

Maybe it’s because I woke up at 6AM. Maybe it’s because I smelled so many terrible things today that I now have a migraine. Come to think of it, I am probably intoxicated from mystery vapours made in my organic chem lab this morning. Whatever it is, I have my sassy pants pulled up nice and high today. Sorry if you ran into me and I was a literal dragon. We all have those days…right?! (Just smile, nod and agree)

Not that I don’t normally judge people, but today my ugly radar was off the charts. Being a student at university, you get to see a lot of interesting “fashion”. I say fashion loosely. VERY loosely. And by interesting I mean insulting to the name of style. And some things shouldn’t bother me. But they do. They irk me to my very core. So today, I am sharing ranting about my style pet peeves, rather than what I enjoy.

I say this at risk of offending a lot of the female population (sorry, not sorry) but seriously…y’all need to take a seat.

1 Pandora bracelets. You look like a toddler with that silver jumble of pony beads on your wrist. Pandora should be sold at Claire’s to children under 3. If you’re going to give me the sentimental value argument, its valid, but maybe get a real charm bracelet???


PONY BEAD…jk Pandora


PANDORA BEADS…jk pony beads

2 When girls lace their combat boots all the way up…what are you doing?! Are you in the military, trekking through mud and war zones? No, you’re wearing them because they’re cute? Then undo that silly looking bow you have at the top of those boots!! If you are in the military, my apologies and tie them extra tight so you don’t lose them while you’re running.

3 That infamous Michael Kors Hamilton Bag. WHY are girls so infatuated with Michael Kors?! Ok, the bags aren’t hideous but my problem is that they literally scream “wannabe fashionista”. And honestly, when I see you carrying that bag around school like you’re Blair Waldorf (which you are NOT), all I can do is feel sorry for you. You and your sad, basic life. It looks like a fake Hermés Birkin bag. What is Hermés you ask? My point exactly. Goodbye.

michael kors hamilton chain large vertical tote_nordstrom


4 The sock bun. Ok, this isn’t clothes or anything but it has frustrated me enough to earn a spot. I don’t get it. First, normal buns are 1030485748 times easier to do. I tried a sock bun once…I ended up crying myself to sleep. Also, you look like you have a bagel on your head. And it makes me hungry. Therefore, I don’t like it.





And the list goes on and on and on and on and on……..

I was not lying when I told you I was Mr. Grumpy Gills. But I’ll leave it at that, because even thinking about some of the other things I’ve seen today just grinds my gears. Hope you all had a better day than me!!!


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let’s talk about lace

Help me. My fashion addictions are seriously dangerous, and this one is no exception. Lace. Oh my god, lace.

If a shirt has even a panel of lace in it, my crazy little mind convinces itself that the shirt was made just for me and I need to buy it. I don’t know what it is about it, but I can’t get enough! LACE-A-HOLICS UNITE! From runway to red carpet to street, lace is everywhere. And each take on lace is so unique! From edgy to flirtatious, everyone incorporates it differently. The trend seems to be one that will stick around for a long time.

Alexander McQueen had models in intricate lace headpieces for Spring/Summer 2012. For me, they stole the show! Each piece totally complimented his line. I just wish it would be cool to wear these on an average day…could you imagine me strutting across campus in this?!!

Alexander McQueen S/S '12

Alexander McQueen S/S ’12

One of my style icons, Blake Lively, rocked the lace trend on an episode of Gossip Girl. And OH MY GOD I just about died. The Zuhair Murad number she was in took away all my mental processes and all I could do was drool. This is lace at its finest!

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad

As gorgeous as those dresses are, and how painful it is remembering you can’t afford them, sometimes you need a more practical punch. Joie, a chic contemporary brand, makes it easy to incorporate lace into your every day wardrobe! Joie does lace exceptionally well, from pants to beautiful tops in a variety of colours and subtle variances in style. Layer a flowy silk underneath and you are good to go (or dare to wear just a black bra…)!! Below is the Joie ‘All Over Lace Elvia Top’…watch out, you just might fall in love! (Buy Joie herehere, or here)**


All Over Lace Elvia Top by Joie

And there you have it, my love for lace. If you’re not drooling by now, you’re either a man or not entirely human.


** Edmonton followers! You can buy Joie at Yu Fashion: Clothing and Accessories!!

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happy birthday to me!

Current situation: Solemnly singing an Adele-inspired rendition of “Happy Birthday” to myself while repeatedly refreshing my FB page for birthday wishes. Cool.

Because I am a diva, every year I seriously regret this day not being a national (even international) holiday. I love birthdays. They’re always so happy and you get to eat as much cake as you want without judgement. But for my birthday, I want to share 7 (my lucky number) of my favourite things of the year with you, since we are becoming pals and pals share everything. Heres to another year of laughs, love and living it up!

1 As I dancer, I stalk YouTube like its my job. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this year. This girl is TWELVE (now 14).  Meet Haley Messick of Mather Dance Company, everyone.

2 I got addicted to THE WALKING DEAD at the beginning of the year. Not only did I fall in love with the main character; but I also fell in love with zombie guts. YUM. Season 3 got RIDICULOUS. I cried for 5 days straight after one episode (yes, a zombie apocalypse show made me CRY). Watch the show here: The Walking Dead.

I went a little bit insane on the nail art trend. Free time meant nail art time. Actually…homework time, cleaning time, sleeping time, or ANY time turned into nail art time.


candy stripes

painted by yours truly!

Next, I share an opportunity. I travelled with HLD: The EcuaExperience, run by brothers Jose and Juan Naranjo, to Ecuador. We built 20 homes for a community, spent a week doing hospital rotations (I stood right next to a surgeon in the OR during a kidney transplant) and adventured all over…from the beach to the Amazon. And my life was turned upside down and back again. I have never experienced so much love and positive energy. Words cannot describe my experience, so I simply urge you to check it out yourself.

5 Of Monsters and Men. Need I say more?! Heart-warming and calming, their music is to die for. Here is my fave song, Love Love Love!

This year, in fashion, cross body bags were my thing (aren’t they everyones?). One word…convenience. From Marc Jacobs to Alexander Wang, my collection grew faster than rabbits breeding babies. But, just recently I added my favourite bag yet…a REDValentino Bow Clutch!! Ahhhhh it is the prettiest thing I’ve laid eyes on! (Plus, even though it is a crossover line, REDV is still made in Italy! Score!) Every stylish on-the-go girl needs a staple cross body bag.


my favourites!


REDValentino, Nordstroms

This year, like any other, was such a roller coaster (I always say, if life was a literal roller coaster instead of metaphorical, it would be so much more fun). But the most valuable piece of advice I learned is…

YOU are in control of your own life.

There is nobody that can tell you how to feel, when to feel, what to feel. You must learn to stop deflecting responsibility and take control. Happiness comes when you decide to let it in. The barriers in your life are only there because you put them there…don’t be afraid to live free and limitless!

And there you have it folks…my year in a nutshell. Sorry (not sorry) for the essay post and beginner/iPhone photography!


ps: In honour of my birthday, if you feel like spreading some love, I would love some help to reach my fundraising goal. Visit HOPE for Good Hope!! Educate, share, donate.

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for the dreamers…

When it comes to style, for me, comfort is key. Even if I found the dress of my dreams at half-price and it was the last one of my size; if it feels like sandpaper, it isn’t going anywhere NEAR my body. And you would think, with the amount of people wearing Crocs and pyjama pants (umm…ew), that comfy chic clothing is hard to find. But that isn’t true in the slightest, otherwise I’d be walking around naked.

One of my absolute favourite brands is WILDFOX. It was born in LA, and represents classic LA fashion. Created by Emily Faulstich and Kimberly Gordon (in collaboration with Jimmy Sommers), they claim Wildfox is “for the dreamers, for the lovers, for skinny dippers, for barefoot explorers, for late night chocolate eaters; it is for anyone who believes in love and believes in themselves”.

I absolutely adore their clothing. Every piece has a cute and quirky graphic, fits like a dream, and feels like its made of clouds. The tees are perfect for throw and go style, when paired with your favourite denim (7 for all Mankind, anyone?!). But my absolute favourite style from Wildfox are the “Lennon Sweaters“!!


Cozy. Oversized. Detailed to the max. Beautifully knit. Luxe material. Perfect for leggings, or no pants at all (keep that for when you’re home alone). The Lennon is beyond adorable! One of my wardrobes staples, I want one for everyday of the week (halfway there…)!

My favourite print is the “Seeing Stars”, and obviously, a bunch of celebrities (Ashley Benson just wore it on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, so you could say were BFFs) agree with me! Great minds think alike, what can I say?


Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ellie Goulding

And there you have it, the start of my style files.


Buy Wildfox here, Edmonton followers can find Wildfox exclusively at Yu Fashion: Clothing and Accessories!

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