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the walking dead recap: episode 12

Okay since I was up to my eyeballs in biology notes last night, I just watched this episode. And before we jump into the recap, can I just say…WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F WAS THIS EPISODE?!!! Too much. I literally paused like 230948 times to calm myself down. 

Remember, I recap as I watch the episode. Apologies in advance for unnecessary conniptions mid-episode.

*****Major spoilers ahead, be warned*****


Previously on The Walking Dead…flashback to Rick on a walkie talkie. MORGAN AND DUANE ARE COMING BACK TODAY I JUST KNOW IT.

Who is Erin. What is going on? And out of the blue this new dude comes chasing!! And Carl is all “I don’t even care” about it because he’s apparently a man now. Yea, sure. Then Michonne gets stuck in the mud, and of course, thats when the ZOMBIES ATTACK! Keep cool though, Rick has got this under control. And Carl…whoa whoa whoa. I’d like to see you drive, you probably can’t even reach the pedals. So be quiet. And then poor random dude is left behind. So much for that story line.

OH!! I JUST GOT IT! They’re back in Rick’s hometown! WHICH MEANS HELLO DUANE AND MORGAN! Come out, come out wherever you are!!! Rick is all “I was the police, b*tch” and Michonne is all “whoops, duh, your name IS Sheriff Rick”. But Michonne is now all sad and submissive! Probably because she heard Carl, that little twerp, getting all feisty about her. Rude, Carl, rude. And then some symbolic bullet exchange happens (I feel there was meaning behind that…).

Rick see a lovely graveyard and throws Carl in. Just kidding. But they also stumble upon spray paint arrows! What could they mean?! Duane?! Morgan?! (Yes I’m obsessed with their reappearance, if it doesn’t happen this episode I will go into cardiac arrest) Weird quotes are literally all over the place and its stressing me out. I can’t help but OMG WALKER ALERT! PERSON ALERT! I BET ITS MORGAN!! Cease fire!! I know who it is!! AND WTF CARL YOU LITTLE SHIT! JUST SHOOTS THE FREAKING MAN! You idiot!!! And watch, its going to be Morgan, I know it. BOOM!! IT IS!!! I CALLED IT!! And Carl the twerp just shot him!!! Thank the freaking lord he had protection!

I AM SO HAPPY ITS MORGAN. Also, I told you so. But where is Duane?! And I predict either horrible things or excellent thing from this reunion, nothing in between. Man, Morgan has gone crazay with these traps (not to mention the “Not Shitting You” sign…I hope he knows walkers can’t read). OH NOOOOO RICK FINDS THE WALKIE TALKIE! I am literally crying my eyes out. NOOO DUANE TURNED! Thats it. I’m done. I’m crying so hard I am turning into a raisin. This is too much. Michonne, shut your face, you don’t even get it. This is MORGAN. Without him, none of this story would have happened. AH RICKS HOUSE ON THE MAP! Cue more hysteria. And then…the most glorious moment of my whole existence…Rick smizes into the camera and I melt into a pool of tears. Amen.

Zombies! Now’s your chance! Eat Carl! Orrrrr let him run away from Michonne like the little idiot he is. DO YOU NOT GET THIS CARL?! We are in a zombie apocalypse! THIS IS NOT RECESS!!!! 

When Morgan wakes up and him and Rick (possibly) hug it out, I will dissolve into nothingness because I will be so emotional. AHHH HE’S UP!!! Except this is definitely NOT hugging it out….put that knife down! It’s Rick! You know him!! I cannot handle this!! WTF MORGAN STABS RICK I AM CRYING WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG OMG OMG MY BABY!!!!!!!! MY EYEBALLS ARE ACTUALLY POPPING OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS!!

Break for a walker kill. Calming myself. Dear lord.

Morgan has gone bonkers. BUT HE RECOGNIZES RICK!!! IM CRYING! IM LOSING IT! No. Not the walkie talkies. THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH STOP IT. FEEL ALL THE FEELS! My poor heart is breaking. Rick tried his best, Morgan, believe me! Sidenote, did Rick really just get stabbed, like I am still processing this. OH MY GAAAAWD HIS WIFE TURNED DUANE!!!!! BAWLING! THIS POOR MAN! Morgan and Rick should go to therapy together or something, combined they have experienced enough tragedy to last 10 lifetimes. But Rick, like the man he is, has pulled through his psychopathic mourning stage. Morgan, its your turn now! You can do it!!

Carl continues his shenanigans. And now Michonne is his babysitter. Hahaha.

Zombies unleash their terror on some poor rats…except for this one troll zombie. WHO ATTACKS CARL BUT MICHONNE SNIPES IT! See Carl?! Michonne just saved your stupid life. They turn the corner and boom! TROUBLE! I am profusely sweating. Once they make it out, Michonne lays down the law and puts the little idiot in his place. No. More. Bullshit. Preach, girl! And she’s back already, picture in hand. Awwww and this is actually a heartfelt moment with Carl looking a the picture. I am smiling. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MICHONNE WHIPS OUT A FREAKING RAINBOW CAT!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I AM LITERALLY ROFLING SO HARD!!! BEST MOMENT OF SEASONS 1, 2, AND 3 BY FAR!!!

Morgan, you are very intuitive and I see you and Rick making an excellent team. You would be the voice of reason (once you stop being so crazy) and Rick would be the man. Perfect balance. I still don’t understand how Rick is so unphased by being stabbed though…shouldn’t he be lying down? And words of wisdom from my beloved recovered psychopath!! Out of everyone, Rick would understand! But Morgan needs to ‘clear’. So just as we found him, we’ve lost him. That sucks monkey balls.

Look at all them zombies, how cute. Okay I am seriously anticipating Ricks reaction to this family picture. Hysteria will ensue. I seriously wish Morgan would join them though.

Carl now approves of Michonne, as if his opinion had any validity in the first place. But thats nice I suppose. Then Rick and Michonne bond of hallucinations of dead people. 

As the end scenes breeze by and that song starts to play, I am bawling again. Too many emotions for one episode. If the show continues like this I will need to get myself a LifeAlert button or something.

TEAM RICK: Morgan made his reappearance!!! But where is everyone else?! Daryl?! Also, Rick is stabbed but not really, since he is functioning just fine. 

TEAM WOODBURY: Thankfully not one appearance. Also I found out I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time. Shows how much I care about you, Pirate Philip.

TEAM ZOMBIE: Failed to kill Carl.

FAVOURITE MOMENT: Okay serious internal debate between Rick’s smize (drool…) and Michonnes cat (GIANT LOL).


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the walking dead recap: episode 11

No matter how much I need to do and no matter how long my day has been, you can always trust I’ll be watching The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. 


And here’s Team Rick, holding on after that crazy walker bomb. But what I’m wondering is why they’re still at the prison! They should have gotten out of there while they could. And sad to say, but Merle does have a point…the Governor is one nasty excuse of a man. WHOA! You go Herschel, you tell him!! Rick, I love you, but this psycho act has got to stop. The team needs a leader and I need you. 

Oh how I’ve missed that constant grumble of hungry zombies. And here comes Carl, thinking he’s the man. Too bad you’re still a small child! AND NOBODY TELLS RICK TO BACK DOWN. I suppose he does need some rest, but Carl needs to step back in line.

I seriously can’t wait until the Governor takes that eyepatch off. And surprise, surprise…they’re assembling an army. Then Andrea barges in like the obnoxious, stupid being she is. No Governor, they’re NOT bloodthirsty! You are!! And Andrea says something sensible?! Wait, I take that back. You can’t just go visit Team Rick!! Dear god, you really are stupid.

Child soldiers…are you for real?! Asthmatic child soldiers! Hahaha.

AHHH I SEE IT I SEE IT! RICK THE LEADER IS COMING BACK! Plus, now he has his betas, Daryl and Glenn. The trifecta of manliness. And Herschel keeps getting cooler and cooler every episode. Then SHANE pops up in the conversation! Ahh!

I’m seriously unsure how I feel about Merle right now. On one hand, he is a huge asset because of his inside information. On the other, he is a huge ass and I hate him. BUT HE CAN QUOTE SCRIPTURE! HE IS JESUS OUR SAVIOUR! BOW DOWN! No. Yea thats interesting, but just because he knows the Bible, it doesn’t mean we can instantly trust him.

Haha crazy old Woodsbury lady wants to fight too. And Asthma Kid had a BB gun! Rock on, Asthma Kid!

Awwwwwwwwww…Carol and Daryl sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g. Or being awkward…why is this so awkward? Stop it! Just love each other!

I cannot handle Gilbert carrying a gun!!!! His vocabulary is so grand and scholarly and I can’t stop laughing. Andrea, the pot stirrer. Now she wants to put my buddy Gilbert in the middle of this. Selfish woman. 

And my prayers have been answered…THE EYEPATCH COMES OFF! Then he chickens out just when it was getting good, and puts on a second eyepatch. A PIRATE EYEPATCH! LOL! Arrrrrrr mateys!! He is no longer the Governor to me, as long as that eyepatch stays on, he is Pirate Philip!! And major plot twist (not really), Gilbert betrays Andrea. And Pirate Philip actually wants her to go, not sure where he’s going with that plan yet.

Zombie! I hope it attacks Andrea! OH SNAP! Andrea is totally jacking Michonne’s walker swag!!! Not cool, Andrea, not cool. Loving this zombie action though. Hahaha an ugly zombie troll appears! AND HOLY SH*T IT’S THE NEWBIES!!!

Michonne, you stone cold fox. Keep being strong and mean to Merle, I dig that.

Newbies meet Andrea. Super awkward! Oh dear, them going to Woodsbury cannot be good for anyone. Cue my nervous breakdown!

I hope Carl shoots Andrea and she gets demolished by walkers. That would be good for everyone. And Michonne is all “WTF. That b*tch jacked my swag, I’m so mad”. Yay!! Rick takes charge!!! Keep harassing Andrea, don’t let her waltz right in!

And I am momentarily pissed at Rick for letting her in. Okay moment over. And we have SHANE MENTION #2!! And don’t bring up Lori, then stare at Carl and Rick! How rude! YOU. DO. NOT. BELONG. Kick Andrea out Rick, kick her out!! Don’t let her get her slimy paws over your beautiful team! Andrea needs to face the facts…nobody likes her. I can’t even deal with her. BUT RICK THE LEADER IS COMING BACK MORE AND MORE! HAPPY DAYS!

Michonne confronts Andrea about being a total copy cat with the walkers. Just kidding. But I see a little showdown coming on! Preach it, Michonne! See Andrea?!! Do you finally see how dumb you’ve been?! How you’ve antagonized EVERYONE?!

Ahoy! Pirate Philip meets the newbies! Ugh he is so full of lies!! And BOOM. They mention the prison! OH NO YOU DIDN’T! RICK. IS. NOT. AN. IDIOT. YOU DON’T KNOW HIM! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S BEEN THROUGH! I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW! Newbies, I thought I liked you. I thought you were ok. You’re now on the same level as Pirate Philip as far as I’m concerned. 

Andrea get away from Lil Ass Kicker! You’re contaminating her. SHANE MENTION #3! Don’t act all surprised, even you knew Shane was an idiot. Rick isn’t cold!! Why is everyone hating on Rick?! LEAVE RICK ALONE! Carol comes up with such an evil genius idea, I am shocked. I like the way you think, Carol.

Goodbye and good riddance, Andrea. I hope a walker eats your brains…wait. You don’t have any.

Asthma kid manning the Woodsbury walls! Andrea better do a good job as double agent. And possibly she’ll get a single point with me…possibly. Ew Pirate Philip you are so gross!! I can’t even watch them interact, this is disgusting. 

Awww, Team Rick is such a cute little family. I am tearing up.

Rick…have you finally come back to us?! To stay?! YAYYYY! Carl, you’re small. But I guess if Rick thinks you’re cool, you’re good enough in my books. 

ANDREA KILL PIRATE PHILIP! DO IT! DO IT! And big surprise, she doesn’t. Good job failing everyone and yourself. No point for you Andrea, no point for you. 

TEAM RICK: Rick is back on top like he should be! Take that, haters! And Shane was mentioned 3 times. 

TEAM WOODSBURY: Next episode, we will see Asthma Kid assume leadership. 

TEAM ZOMBIE: Still cool, but they haven’t killed Andrea yet. 

FAVOURITE MOMENT: Rick holding his baby. Lil Ass Kicker + Rick = :))))))


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the walking dead recap: episode 10

Sunday nights are the reason I am still alive. They must be.


Rick, whatcha looking at? OMG NOT LORI!!! NO. GO AWAY LORI, GO BACK TO SHANE IN THE PITS OF HELL AND DESPAIR. Sorry that was harsh. But we mustn’t forget Lori is a snivelling sl*t. Wah, Rick chasing a mental projection of Lori is such a definition of his breakdown; it makes me want to curl up into fetal position and let tears trickle down my cheek. I am hurting for this beautiful man. 

Welcome back to Woodsbury, the most useless people you’ll ever meet. Hey Governor, I call bullshit. No retaliation my butt. Wait, OMG if Andrea becomes the new Governor, I’ll cry and Woodsbury will disintegrate into full blown stupidity.

Daryl looked so much better standing beside Rick. Merle, shut your ugly mouth and listen to Daryl and his bulging biceps. 

Silly Carl thinks he’s such a smarticle particle. Go away Carl. AHH IF GLENN ACTUALLY JUST KILLED THE GOVERNOR I WOULD LOSE IT!! I would be so happy, I would throw a party and you’d all be invited. Glenn is so tough and boss man, I am digging it. I vote Glenn for president!!

Gilbert just makes me LOL. And the fact the Governor thinks he has enough balls to betray him is hilarious.

Ohhhh, his name is Milton. Lame. Whatever, I’m sticking with Gilbert. Omg pause hahaha! I CANNOT. “ON A RUN”. GILBERT, YOU ROCK.

Glaggie! If their love doesn’t last, all my hopes and dreams will be forever crushed. Maggie come on, I love you but look at how cool Glenn is. And I understand you’re traumatized by the creepazoid Governor, but do you even KNOW what Glenn went through for you?! Girls are psycho. Give him a god damn hug. 

Carol teaching Axel to use a gun. Wut.

Seeing Daryl without Rick is like seeing my spoon without Nutella in it. Devastating. OMG A BABY! What is happening?!

Team Zombie bringing the heat to some randoms! And we finally get to see that beautiful crossbow in action! BOOM! TRUNK DOOR ZOMBIE DECAPITATION. My palms are so sweaty right now. Then, the cherry on top of this catastrophe, Daryl turns on Merle. But he doesn’t kill him. Sad face. Um duh Merle, Rick and Daryl and the dynamic duo and that’s the way it is meant to be so shut your face. GO DARYL. You know you belong with Rick. My world makes sense again.

Okay. Glenn totally has my vote for leader right now. Herschel should just hobble away and let Glenn be angry. Lord knows they need a leader right now. And cue Rick stumbling out of the forest. Point proven.

BETH, YOU ARE IRKSOME. I can’t even register the emotional level of this scene because Beth is so annoying.

Rick :( Come into my arms and everything will be alright, you deranged lunatic. I love you, but this is out of control. Just listen to Herschel, the voice of reason. WAIT. Withdraw that statement. Glenn is not out of control and he could be a majestic leader!!! Not like Rick was, but I believe in the boy. Rick is talking about his problems?! THE LEADER I KNOW IS COMING BACK TO US! Oops spoke too soon again…




TEAM RICK: DARYL IS BACK! RICK MIGHT BE BACK! EVERYONE IS ALIVE! One teensy problem: Mr. Psycho Pants aka the Governor.

TEAM WOODSBURY: Andrea is still alive. Sadly.


FAVOURITE MOMENT: The look Daryl gives Rick after he saves him with an arrow to the brain. I cried tears of pure joy.


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the walking dead recap: episode 9

Sundays finally have meaning again. Welcome back to Sheriff Rick, Daryl and a bunch of insignificant others! My only issue with the winter premiere? IT WAS WAY TOO SHORT! Did anyone else feel totally ripped off?? It’s ok, I’m over it. We have the show back and I am content.

So, because I am opinionated and like to share those opinions, every Sunday (or sometimes Monday) you can now look forward to not only The Walking Dead, but also my recaps! Yay for you! Yay for me! Yay for TWD being back!

:)))))))))))) (super fat happy face, because I am super fat and super happy right now)


****SPOILER ALERT!!!****

We start out with one of the most traumatizing situations, a) Daryl is in danger, b) it is literally a fight to the death with the Governor watching over and c) Daryl is in danger. On a plus side, we witness Andrea, aka grumpy whore, actually try speaking up for someone?! Wow, you go girl.

THANKFULLY, my main man Rick swoops in and saves the day (yet again) and my palms can stop sweating. Rick, I love you. You look good in plaid.

Aaaaand roll credits as I get up to get some delicious treats.

WOOO ZOMBIES! WOOO DARYL’S CROSSBOW! When the group reunites with Michonne and Glenn, they have some discussion about Merle. Glenn loves Maggie, Michonne loves Andrea, Rick loves me, but basically everybody is pissed as f at Merle. We get it. And then LOL Rick just knocks him out. Bye Merle.

A week?! That baby looks way too fat to be a week old…WTF Herschel. Then Beth is all “the baby isn’t mine” but in her head is all “but I totally wish it was”. What a little prostitute (sorry, Beth). Some racist jokes are made, then Carl sulks out like the man he is (sarcasm intended). Cool scene.

DARYL DIXON! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO! The group is all “what about Carol”, but they don’t even ask how I feel about this. Rude. And poor Michonne gets the boot from Rick. But who cares because DARYL IS GONE! My heart slowly crumbles into nothingness…

Dang, what is with these newbies. Shaaaaddddyyy. I don’t even understand that one dude’s plan. Just go bury your friend and stop being so sneaky.

OMG BRAINS! FINALLY! Glenn is all mad at Rick, proving his manliness and love for Maggie even more. Team Glaggie!! (LOLOL) Ahhh so much yelling, you’re stressing me out!! Play nice boys!

Shut up Woodsbury. Yea, everyone should go ahead and leave. See how long you’d last in that floor length skirt hahaha seriously. They yell some things and other people yell back. Exciting. And then walkers invade and kill everyone. Just kidding. But one does bite this man and the Governor just walks out of his house, kills him and goes back inside. Looked like he was walking the runway. HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR LEADER NOW, TEAM WOODSBURY?!

Carol finds out about Daryl and goes bananas…runs around in circles, starts ripping out her hair, and bawls uncontrollably as she assumes fetal position. Well not exactly, but that’s what I would have done. And Carl asks about Oscar…who I totally forgot about because he was so irrelevant.

Back to Woodsbury, where Andrea resumes being a grumpy whore. GTFO. Not even the Governor likes you and he is a bottom feeding prick.

HAHAHAHAHAHA BETH!!!! GET AWAY FROM RICK. YOU’RE TEN!!! Plus, he’s mine. Sidenote: Herschel has a cool ponytail. Rick storms angrily past the newbies and holds little Ass Kicker (I refuse to call her Judith). He is so tormented :( When Rick is sad, I am sad. So I am now sad.

The nerdy dude from Woodbury (for some reason I want to call him Gilbert…so I will) Gilbert takes his glasses off and puts them back on again hahaha. Then Andrea give some speech about rebuilding your soul and people get emotional, meanwhile I’m sitting here like “You are dumb as rocks, shut up”.  Andrea sucks.

I cannot deal with Beth this episode. PUT THE DANG BABY DOWN. PUT. THE. BABY. DOWN. IT IS NOT YOURS. And stop bringing up Daryl, can’t you see it’s torturing Carol???!! And me!!!

Herschel gets all emotional with Glenn and Maggie and it is all very touching. Except when he calls Glenn his son…because then does that make the Glaggie  relationship incest?! Boom. Think about that one.

Rick finally goes to deal with the newbies. But he isn’t really being very nice. Come on Rick, listen to Tyrone (is that his name?) and Herschel! Let them join Team Rick! THEN THE DEMON HERSELF APPEARS! LORI. I THOUGHT WE GOT RID OF YOU. LEAVE RICK ALONE! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

And we end on Rick going literally insane and scaring the newbies away. Poor Rick. I really want to support your decisions but you scare me sometimes. Stop being so psycho! Just kidding, I love you, lets hug it out.

TEAM RICK: They’ll never recover from the tragic loss of Daryl, Carl thinks he’s rough, and Beth is a prostitute. (Also I discovered Glenn and Maggie’s couple name is Glaggie…I cannot breathe this is so funny)

TEAM WOODSBURY: Nobody likes Andrea.

TEAM ZOMBIE: Not nearly cool enough for a premiere episode. Give me more guts, guys!

FAVOURITE MOMENT: After he tries convincing Rick to let the newbies stay…Herschel breathes heavily, with a whistling nose, for 348765 hours. GIANT LOL.

What did you think of the winter premiere?!!


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the walking dead


Ask me how excited I am about The Walking Dead return. Ask me. SO EXCITED. I wish I had better vocabulary than just using ‘so’ all the time, but whenever I need to use it, I am usually too worked up to think of a better alternative. Anyways, I cannot wait for the return of season 3!! 4 episodes in and I was bawling, so I don’t know what else they’re going to throw at us!

All I can say is that if Daryl Dixon dies, I am 100% done and my life will have no more meaning. I’ll be all aboard that ‘nope train’ to ‘f-that-ville’. Plus Carl is a big boy now!!! I wonder if there will be a power struggle as he gets to those teen angst stages…hmmm. And how about that Governor?! Man, I get chills just thinking about him. Not to mention I’ll be reunited with my one love, Sheriff Rick. He is a real man and I love him. And I have been having serious zombie gore withdrawals. Two months without seeing any brains can get tough.

Watching the On Air “Lead Me Home” Promo got me so (there it is again) pumped!! See for yourself…

ARE YOU STILL BREATHING?! Nope, didn’t think so.


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