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what’s on my wrist?

Sparkles! Who doesn’t love sparkles?! If you replied ‘I don’t’ to the previous question, please remove yourself from this world. If I could, I would sparkle everything in my line of vision. My laptop, my phone, my desk, my comforter, my brothers face.

But here’s the weird thing. I am a jewelry minimalist. I know, my life is one giant contradiction, I know.

My arm parties are more like exclusive arm gatherings. Within the same crowd of individuals most all of the time. I rarely change my bracelets, aside from when I buy new ones. I think its either a) I’m lazy or b) I’m lazy. But, I do highly enjoy the wrist company that I keep. My gathering is cute, playful, and definitely suits me. Each bracelet tells its own little story!! Sometimes…sentiments matter more than sparkles. Only sometimes though.


From left to right: Feather Charm Bracelet (somewhere in Hawaii), Love Diamond/White Gold Bracelet (Jugar n Spice, Yu Fashion), California Love Bracelet (Etsy), Friendship Bracelet (somewhere in Ecuador), Rose Gold Arrow (Juicy Couture), Beaded Bracelet (somewhere in Hawaii), Embellished Friendship Bracelet (Free People)


My favourite moments, all on one little wrist :) Now, what’s on YOUR wrist?!


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