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the walking dead recap: episode 13

Yes this post is late, I know. Shame on me. But hear me out…

We all know how crazy I am about this show, its like borderline psychopathic. Literally one zombie could appear and I would think it is the most exciting episode to date. So I was BEYOND disappointed with this episode! Nothing happened. Nothing. We heard things we already knew, we watched people ask for things we knew they wanted, we saw people do things that were typical of their character, yadda yadda yadda. I rewatched this episode 3 times over the past couple days to try and come up with a good recap. AND I COULDN’T. So this is me, throwing in the towel. Sorry for the lack of recap :((( (super sad fat face aka me right now)

Only plus side, long shots of Sheriff Rick’s face graced the screen. He stared at that camera and I stared right back. Now that I think of it, maybe it actually was the best episode to date…


TEAM RICK: Kickin’ it as usual…Merle’s an ass, Michonne is warming up, Carl is dumb, Glaggie is cute, Carol is missing, Daryl rocks my socks and Rick is still the man.

TEAM WOODBURY: Milton asked to see Herschel’s leg for data.

TEAM ZOMBIE: Took a knife in the eye, courtesy of Daryl.

FAVOURITE MOMENT: When Andrea gets kicked out by both Rick and Pirate Philip. Take that Andrea!


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