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bieber fever

First off, so sorry about the late post!! I have been trying to fix up the who/what/when aspects of my blog, aka actually create a schedule, and it got in the way of actually posting. But, now that its all sorted out I pinky promise you I will try my best to never post late again! (ps: you can check out the schedule¬†here) Moving on….

I have Bieber Fever!! I am in LOVE with the Biebs, from his hair to his voice to his pet hamster (Pac the hamster and I get along). I like to consider myself his friend rather than just a fangirl…I am obsessed in the ‘i-think-we-would-be-good-friends’¬†kinda way. Like, if we ever met, I would just casually say hi, we’d talk about our lives then skip happily into the distance with our newfound friendship. Not saying that I’m writing this next to my JB poster, checking my iPhone in its JB case, while wearing my JB perfume and listening to JB. Nope, not at all.

And as if I didn’t already adore his Believe album enough…BOOM, he releases an acoustic version. Total eargasm (orgasm for your ears, if you didn’t pick that up).

Lucky for me, my all time JB favourite (but then again, all of them are my faves), “Be Alright”, was on this new acoustic album. I’m bawling tears of joy just thinking about it. This is my ‘pretend Justin is serenading you to sleep‘ song. And who wouldn’t want that?!!!


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