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new artist, old obsession

I mentioned Bastille in one of my previous song posts, and ever since then I have been dying to make sure you knew how majestic they were. They’re extremely new to the music scene, as their debut album was just released March 4!! But since ‘Flaws’ in 2010, I have been obsessed. Surviving on only 4 songs by them was a rough couple years, but finally they decide to feed me some more. And all these new songs are BLOWING MY MIND. I love their sound, it’s calming yet riveting. Dan Smith’s voice is a serious drug

I’d like to say this is my favourite song by them, but basically all of them are my favourites. So I just randomly picked one via shuffle and boom. ‘Haunt’ it is.

Ps why is it all this amazing talent comes out of the UK?! Obviously, I need to hop the pond over there to find out what’s in their water.

Also, I just learned one of my favourite actresses, Miss Chloe Moretz, is a huge fan. You go girl, great taste in music!


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youtube treasures

Seriously, is there anything Youtube doesn’t have?! From cat videos to children falling down stairs to inspiration to ballerinas doing 101 pirouettes, I swear I could live in a room by myself as long as I had Youtube (and food, duh).

Typical evening in my life: 

5pm Ok I’ll start some homework. Its going to be such a productive night!!

530pm Just kidding, I’m hungry I’ll eat now.

630pm I need to shower. Yea, lets do that. My room looks dirty…should I clean it? Nah, I got stuff to do. FOCUS.

700pm Ok, now I’ll watch ONE video on Youtube then start my homework.


230am Finally finish my homework and then immediately pass out.

Youtube literally sucks away hours from my life…not that I’m complaining. And one of my favourite things about Youtube is discovering new artists. A couple years ago, I found Kate McGill. She is an ABSOLUTE TREASURE. Not only does she do amazing covers of incredibly good songs (her taste in music gets 2 thumbs up), but she writes these originals that I have fallen in love with. I feel if I was any good at writing songs/singing, she is what I would be. Love, love, looooooveeee her. 

Here is my favourite cover of hers, Flaws by Bastille (btw, go look them up too, they’re beautiful).

And my favourite original, Don’t Build Bridges to Have Them Burnt

And if you don’t already love her, she tweets thing like this (which I totally identify with)…

 Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 2.49.08 AM 

Sadly, though, her career with Youtube came to a close a few months ago. But don’t worry, because  she still has enough material to sing you to sleep for quite along time.


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