the walking dead recap: episode 11

No matter how much I need to do and no matter how long my day has been, you can always trust I’ll be watching The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. 


And here’s Team Rick, holding on after that crazy walker bomb. But what I’m wondering is why they’re still at the prison! They should have gotten out of there while they could. And sad to say, but Merle does have a point…the Governor is one nasty excuse of a man. WHOA! You go Herschel, you tell him!! Rick, I love you, but this psycho act has got to stop. The team needs a leader and I need you. 

Oh how I’ve missed that constant grumble of hungry zombies. And here comes Carl, thinking he’s the man. Too bad you’re still a small child! AND NOBODY TELLS RICK TO BACK DOWN. I suppose he does need some rest, but Carl needs to step back in line.

I seriously can’t wait until the Governor takes that eyepatch off. And surprise, surprise…they’re assembling an army. Then Andrea barges in like the obnoxious, stupid being she is. No Governor, they’re NOT bloodthirsty! You are!! And Andrea says something sensible?! Wait, I take that back. You can’t just go visit Team Rick!! Dear god, you really are stupid.

Child soldiers…are you for real?! Asthmatic child soldiers! Hahaha.

AHHH I SEE IT I SEE IT! RICK THE LEADER IS COMING BACK! Plus, now he has his betas, Daryl and Glenn. The trifecta of manliness. And Herschel keeps getting cooler and cooler every episode. Then SHANE pops up in the conversation! Ahh!

I’m seriously unsure how I feel about Merle right now. On one hand, he is a huge asset because of his inside information. On the other, he is a huge ass and I hate him. BUT HE CAN QUOTE SCRIPTURE! HE IS JESUS OUR SAVIOUR! BOW DOWN! No. Yea thats interesting, but just because he knows the Bible, it doesn’t mean we can instantly trust him.

Haha crazy old Woodsbury lady wants to fight too. And Asthma Kid had a BB gun! Rock on, Asthma Kid!

Awwwwwwwwww…Carol and Daryl sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g. Or being awkward…why is this so awkward? Stop it! Just love each other!

I cannot handle Gilbert carrying a gun!!!! His vocabulary is so grand and scholarly and I can’t stop laughing. Andrea, the pot stirrer. Now she wants to put my buddy Gilbert in the middle of this. Selfish woman. 

And my prayers have been answered…THE EYEPATCH COMES OFF! Then he chickens out just when it was getting good, and puts on a second eyepatch. A PIRATE EYEPATCH! LOL! Arrrrrrr mateys!! He is no longer the Governor to me, as long as that eyepatch stays on, he is Pirate Philip!! And major plot twist (not really), Gilbert betrays Andrea. And Pirate Philip actually wants her to go, not sure where he’s going with that plan yet.

Zombie! I hope it attacks Andrea! OH SNAP! Andrea is totally jacking Michonne’s walker swag!!! Not cool, Andrea, not cool. Loving this zombie action though. Hahaha an ugly zombie troll appears! AND HOLY SH*T IT’S THE NEWBIES!!!

Michonne, you stone cold fox. Keep being strong and mean to Merle, I dig that.

Newbies meet Andrea. Super awkward! Oh dear, them going to Woodsbury cannot be good for anyone. Cue my nervous breakdown!

I hope Carl shoots Andrea and she gets demolished by walkers. That would be good for everyone. And Michonne is all “WTF. That b*tch jacked my swag, I’m so mad”. Yay!! Rick takes charge!!! Keep harassing Andrea, don’t let her waltz right in!

And I am momentarily pissed at Rick for letting her in. Okay moment over. And we have SHANE MENTION #2!! And don’t bring up Lori, then stare at Carl and Rick! How rude! YOU. DO. NOT. BELONG. Kick Andrea out Rick, kick her out!! Don’t let her get her slimy paws over your beautiful team! Andrea needs to face the facts…nobody likes her. I can’t even deal with her. BUT RICK THE LEADER IS COMING BACK MORE AND MORE! HAPPY DAYS!

Michonne confronts Andrea about being a total copy cat with the walkers. Just kidding. But I see a little showdown coming on! Preach it, Michonne! See Andrea?!! Do you finally see how dumb you’ve been?! How you’ve antagonized EVERYONE?!

Ahoy! Pirate Philip meets the newbies! Ugh he is so full of lies!! And BOOM. They mention the prison! OH NO YOU DIDN’T! RICK. IS. NOT. AN. IDIOT. YOU DON’T KNOW HIM! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S BEEN THROUGH! I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW! Newbies, I thought I liked you. I thought you were ok. You’re now on the same level as Pirate Philip as far as I’m concerned. 

Andrea get away from Lil Ass Kicker! You’re contaminating her. SHANE MENTION #3! Don’t act all surprised, even you knew Shane was an idiot. Rick isn’t cold!! Why is everyone hating on Rick?! LEAVE RICK ALONE! Carol comes up with such an evil genius idea, I am shocked. I like the way you think, Carol.

Goodbye and good riddance, Andrea. I hope a walker eats your brains…wait. You don’t have any.

Asthma kid manning the Woodsbury walls! Andrea better do a good job as double agent. And possibly she’ll get a single point with me…possibly. Ew Pirate Philip you are so gross!! I can’t even watch them interact, this is disgusting. 

Awww, Team Rick is such a cute little family. I am tearing up.

Rick…have you finally come back to us?! To stay?! YAYYYY! Carl, you’re small. But I guess if Rick thinks you’re cool, you’re good enough in my books. 

ANDREA KILL PIRATE PHILIP! DO IT! DO IT! And big surprise, she doesn’t. Good job failing everyone and yourself. No point for you Andrea, no point for you. 

TEAM RICK: Rick is back on top like he should be! Take that, haters! And Shane was mentioned 3 times. 

TEAM WOODSBURY: Next episode, we will see Asthma Kid assume leadership. 

TEAM ZOMBIE: Still cool, but they haven’t killed Andrea yet. 

FAVOURITE MOMENT: Rick holding his baby. Lil Ass Kicker + Rick = :))))))


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