sk8er girl

Sunshine and sneakers…my paradise.


I am the chameleon of style. I go through so many fashion phases within such a short period of time, it could give you whiplash trying to keep up with me. Currently? I want to be a skater girl. I want to coast down Venice Beach on a longboard, rocking a snapback and distressed jeans. I want to be sponsored by Red Bull. I want to chill with Ryan Sheckler and show each other all our cool tricks. I want to shop at places like Tilly’s and wear brands like Neff.

Which is why I am currently obsessed with sneakers. I wear them with shorts, jeans, leggings, even my maxi dresses. They add the perfect touch of tomboy to any outfit. I’ve got the sneakers, but now I need to advance beyond sliding down the length of my driveway on my brother’s baby skateboard.

But instead of learning how to actually ride a skateboard, I styled outfits based on my sneakers. Thats close enough, right?

Mint Green Converse



Tank: Wildfox, Yu Fashion/Shorts: Kendall+Kylie, Pacsun/Backpack: John Galt, Brandy Melville

Neon Pink Vans



Tee: Wildfox, Yu Fashion/Jeans: 7FAM, Bloomingdales/Sunglasses: Rayban

Charcoal Converse

P1010976 P1010979

Pullover: American Apparel/Vest: Forever21/Bag: Jimmy Choo

And there you have it!! 3 different ways to rock my beloved sneakers. If only I could learn to skate the way I adopt the skater style. Sigh. A girl can dream…



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