leaving on a jet plane

5 AM. Somebody scoop my eyes out with spoons, why am I awake right now? I don’t even care I’m hopping on a plane to sunny Arizona. I want to be in bed, dreaming away about a Prince Charming who will never come. But on the other hand, lying by a pool does sound nice.

Ugh. My struggles are real.

But what I’m here to tell you (ever so early) is I will be leaving the world of readily available wifi right now! I will try my best to post right on schedule, but apologies in advance if I can’t find a neighbours wifi to steal. BOO to no internet. But YAY to getting away from real life…this is just what I need. I can’t wait to forget about everything and everyone and anything that ever made me sad. Flying far, far away usually lets me do that.

Anyways, ’till next time…which is hopefully sooner than later!!


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