not-so-basic basics

Who am I, style wise? Well, honestly, I really don’t know. More often than not, my style is FreeCity sweatpants and a bag of Golfish Crackers with a can of Dr. Pepper as my accessories. I’m kidding. Not really. But kind of. For real though…

I’m like to think I’m half West Coast: LA beach-y/boho chic and half East Coast: NYC shopaholic fab.

Explanation? Since I see myself as a Cali gal at heart, my style often turns to casual, free spirited and playful. Buuuut, my mind is also firmly planted in the world of Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent (even if I can’t afford it). I love me some high-waisted cut-offs, yet at the same time, I would die for a pair of Valentino Lace Couture Bow Pumps. Basically, like my personality, my style is neither here nor there.

Due to my mind-boggling inconsistencies, I had the TOUGHEST time deciding on what outfit I would wear to meet the Internet. I mean, that’s a pretty big deal! I had to impress, but not overdress. I had to be stylish, yet not too forward. I had to be everything your heart desired. Well, I wanted to be at least.

So, I settled on this:

IMG_3188 copy

BAM. Look at me in all my hashtag o o t d glory.


IMG_3170 copy

These are what I like to call my “not-so-basic basics” or NSB basics. What better fail-proof outfit to wear for my internet debut!! AND I get to show you all my favourite essentials. Yay me! (Yes my hair is dip-dyed teal! But it’s fading fast into a gross booger-y shade, gotta hit up the salon for a re-dye soon.)

Items falling under the following 7 categories should be the backbone to every closet in the world…

1. Simple Silk Tank/Tee: Ummm, duh. (Wilfred, Aritzia)

2. Leather Jacket: Invest in a nice one, you won’t regret it. (Line, Yu Fashion)

3. All-Season Scarf: Lightweight, yet warm. Thumbs up for double duty. (Chan Luu, Yu Fashion)

4. Trustworthy Denim: Pick your denim like you pick your BFFs. (7FAM, Yu Fashion)

5. Black Bag: And sometimes, you need more than one of these… (REDValentino, Nordstrom)

6. ‘Strut-your-stuff’ Shoes: Because we all need to feel like we’re famous sometimes all the time. (Gucci, gifted)

If you have a solid piece from each of these categories, you could be a brainless slob and still be able to put yourself together (not that that’s what I am…). Plus, these will incorporate nicely into ANY outfit. I’m serious. Try it. I dare you.

So what do you think about my very first OOTD?!! And what are your NSB basics?!


(photos by my main gal, M)

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2 thoughts on “not-so-basic basics

  1. Love everything about this outfit!

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