dance your heart out, literally

Tonight I got to teach contemporary to a class of hip-hop dancers. And it was beautiful. 

My favourite thing in the world is putting your whole soul into choreography, then teaching it and watching different emotions pour out onto the hardwood floor of a studio and into your heart. Sharing, growing, inspiring…is there anything more rewarding as a dancer?? Dance is such an interactive art. Oh the feels!!!

In a way, dance is like the perfect best friend. Always there when you need to let off steam, cry your eyes out, or even just goof around. Dance is a way to channel all your energy, whether its negative or positive, into something beautiful. I don’t just love to dance, I love dance.

When you can just feel sadness coursing though your veins, feel happiness guiding your legs across the floor, or see someone’s struggle just through their movement…that is what I live for. I’ve never been the best technical dancer, and unless your Hayden Hopkins, most of us probably aren’t either. But by dancing, if you can take your whole heart, everything you’ve ever felt, and place it in the palm of your hands and offer it up without hesitation…thats more valuable than even the longest lines and most gorgeous arches.

As I dancer, I am definitely not be perfect. But my flaws allow me to trace every movement with a piece of my soul. And I am no longer there to impress you, but rather to show you who I am. And I love being able to do that.

So I would just like to say thank you. To the perfect best friend I’ve had since 3 years old, to my emotional release, to dance. Thank you, for letting me be who I truly am.


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