happy birthday to me!

Current situation: Solemnly singing an Adele-inspired rendition of “Happy Birthday” to myself while repeatedly refreshing my FB page for birthday wishes. Cool.

Because I am a diva, every year I seriously regret this day not being a national (even international) holiday. I love birthdays. They’re always so happy and you get to eat as much cake as you want without judgement. But for my birthday, I want to share 7 (my lucky number) of my favourite things of the year with you, since we are becoming pals and pals share everything. Heres to another year of laughs, love and living it up!

1 As I dancer, I stalk YouTube like its my job. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this year. This girl is TWELVE (now 14).  Meet Haley Messick of Mather Dance Company, everyone.

2 I got addicted to THE WALKING DEAD at the beginning of the year. Not only did I fall in love with the main character; but I also fell in love with zombie guts. YUM. Season 3 got RIDICULOUS. I cried for 5 days straight after one episode (yes, a zombie apocalypse show made me CRY). Watch the show here: The Walking Dead.

I went a little bit insane on the nail art trend. Free time meant nail art time. Actually…homework time, cleaning time, sleeping time, or ANY time turned into nail art time.


candy stripes

painted by yours truly!

Next, I share an opportunity. I travelled with HLD: The EcuaExperience, run by brothers Jose and Juan Naranjo, to Ecuador. We built 20 homes for a community, spent a week doing hospital rotations (I stood right next to a surgeon in the OR during a kidney transplant) and adventured all over…from the beach to the Amazon. And my life was turned upside down and back again. I have never experienced so much love and positive energy. Words cannot describe my experience, so I simply urge you to check it out yourself.

5 Of Monsters and Men. Need I say more?! Heart-warming and calming, their music is to die for. Here is my fave song, Love Love Love!

This year, in fashion, cross body bags were my thing (aren’t they everyones?). One word…convenience. From Marc Jacobs to Alexander Wang, my collection grew faster than rabbits breeding babies. But, just recently I added my favourite bag yet…a REDValentino Bow Clutch!! Ahhhhh it is the prettiest thing I’ve laid eyes on! (Plus, even though it is a crossover line, REDV is still made in Italy! Score!) Every stylish on-the-go girl needs a staple cross body bag.


my favourites!


REDValentino, Nordstroms

This year, like any other, was such a roller coaster (I always say, if life was a literal roller coaster instead of metaphorical, it would be so much more fun). But the most valuable piece of advice I learned is…

YOU are in control of your own life.

There is nobody that can tell you how to feel, when to feel, what to feel. You must learn to stop deflecting responsibility and take control. Happiness comes when you decide to let it in. The barriers in your life are only there because you put them there…don’t be afraid to live free and limitless!

And there you have it folks…my year in a nutshell. Sorry (not sorry) for the essay post and beginner/iPhone photography!


ps: In honour of my birthday, if you feel like spreading some love, I would love some help to reach my fundraising goal. Visit HOPE for Good Hope!! Educate, share, donate.

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2 thoughts on “happy birthday to me!

  1. Haley Messick says:

    Hi, this is Haley Messick and i just want to say thank you so much, that meant a lot to me! I hope your birthday was great! XOXO

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