our first kiss

Welcome to my world… 

Current situation: 2nd year university student writing a lab report. AKA sitting at home without pants (because who needs them?), singing  along to Katy Perry and drowning my recent sorrows in some cake batter ice cream. You could say I’m living the dream.

I decided to start blogging because I keep a journal; and the other day I was reading old entries, laughing because I’m funny and crying because my life can sometimes get sad. Then I figured, what could be more fun than sharing my journal with a bunch of strangers on the internet?! And now here we are, becoming best friends.

And you’re going to get to know me; the real me. All my weird quirks, all my crazy obsessions, all my seriously bothersome pet peeves, all my beliefs and values, all my heartbreaks (usually involving me being hungry and thinking its heartbreak), and maybe most importantly…how much I hate the colour orange. Yuck.

But thats all I have for now, I can’t wait to be BFFs!!!

XX (our first kiss!), K

ps: for more about who I am, check out the K is for Kiki tab!

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